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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

National Board Certification: Educators agree to ignore research

I think the point of this Ed Week article ($) entitled, "NBPTS Upgrades Profession, Most Agree, Despite Test-Score Letdown" is that everyone loves National Board certification even if the research says that it has little power to predict student achievement gains (and even that NBC teachers have little influence outside the classroom).

Why do we even bother doing research when the education world just chooses to believe what they believe as an article of faith? Or maybe Ed Week got it all wrong.

Perhaps a better-written article would have said that many policy makers and educators like the idea of Board certification, even though National Board certification may not be such an informative credential...

A question that has dogged the NBPTS for years is whether the certification process merely identifies accomplished teachers or helps create them.

Well, gee, I guess it does neither.

Bess Keller got so many quotes from so many of the wrong people, wasting column space and her time and ours. Why didn't she get the state legislators and school board members who pony up extra money for Board certification and those who hire teachers to comment on whether the research affects their decision to use National Board certification for differentiating among teachers for promotion, pay, and other considerations?


Anonymous Andrew Pass said...

I think the real reason that educators accept NBPTS as something that does influence high quality learning is because it is easy to do so. If NBPTS does not promote student achievement than what does? Its a lot easier to believe in something than to not know what to believe in. The only problem is that successful schooling should not be premised in belief it should be grounded in reason.

10:51 PM  
Blogger Darren said...

American Board for the Certification of Teacher Excellence. Instead of jumping through hoops (portfolio, anyone???) teachers have to demonstrate mastery of their subject matter. Imagine!!!

11:53 AM  

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